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slice of paradise

Where to begin ...

Since landing back in the UK I've had many friends asking what was the best part of my trip. And yet considering the amount I've seen and done over the past two months, I find it almost impossible to put into words what I've experienced.

Other than getting rather philosophical (which is when people tend to glaze over with disinterest) as I begin to explain how my time in New Zealand managed to break down so many of my walls and boundaries. I found the most exhilerating part was allowing my mind and body to open up to a whole new way of living. Maybe I'm not quite ready to put pen to paper and examine the time I spent exploring this land, however there will come a point when I am ready to share my stories with you.

So for now be patient, and I'll leave you with a small photo journal which I call my 'slice of paradise.' 

Rachel Di Cioccio